Primary objectives

1) Reschedule Cannabis. This will require an extensive body of research proving the correlation and validity between cannabis use and its medicinal properties curing or offsetting symptoms associated with a plethora of diseases plaguing our country that often lead to prescription opioid abuse and dependency. This research will be collected through a nationwide network of doctors, physicians and university professors who are cannabis sympathizers in the 39 of the 50 green states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal and/ or recreational use.

2) Legalize Paraphernalia. This will be imperative for the financial stability of the CRA, a subsidiary of the Myster conglomerate, which was built upon the foundation of innovative designs and accessories for cannabis consumption. Early direct-to-customer advertising and business-to-business promotions for the CRA will largely include Myster product packages as a means of welcoming allies and spreading awareness of the Alliance.

3) Legalize Cannabis. This is our core mission. The prima causa that set the Alliance in motion. Both recreationally and medicinally, the CRA will see to fruition the lawful protection of cannabis use nationwide. Federally recognized by our government as a legitimate source of taxable revenue through platforms of retail and e-commerce, with all of the privileges, rights and liberties secured for consumers in their pursuit of happiness.

4) Protect Our Allies. While using traditional means to make change on the legislative side, we will also focus our efforts on keeping our current allies out of jail and off probation. We will accomplish this by keeping all allies informed on local cannabis laws and police practices. We will also be providing a network of approved defense attorneys to help protect our allies from prosecution. Invested allies will have access to an allotted amount of free defense if they are arrested or indicted.


By fulfilling our vision for the CRA we will be able to successfully increase the nation’s standard of living - positively impacting the utility and wellbeing of our allies throughout the country by allowing the natural forces of supply and demand to develop a new industry of innovation. Whether that be in the public and/or private sector, related fields of medicine, law, business, technology, entertainment and commerce will thrive alongside the nation unified by our cause.

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