Negative Consequences of a Cannabis Conviction

Revoke/suspend professional licenses

Barriers to employment/promotion

Loss of educational aid

Driver’s license suspension (21 states at least 6 months suspension)

Bars on adoption, voting and jury service

47 states growing conviction or other marijuana related felonies person is barred from voting for a period of time, 6 of these states the bar on voting lasts for life

Misdemeanor conviction can results in restrictions on food stamps and temporary aid

Misdemeanor marijuana conviction can result in a lifetime ban from the state. Only
felony drug offenses result in this ban; not robbery, not kidnapping, not even murder.

Restricted access to public housing for 3 years due to marijuana conviction or arrest

The U.S. has severe restrictions towards individuals looking to come into the country with
marijuana related offenses (even if conviction was not in the U.S.)

Conviction of possession of over 30 grams is grounds for deportation

Disqualifies an applicant for naturalization, a visa, or temporary protected status