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From 2001-2010 Police made 8.2 million cannabis related arrests, costing the United States  $10.7 Billion every year to enforce prohibition. That is one cannabis related arrest every 48 seconds according to a recent FBI reporting. Last year alone there was a total of 659,700 cannabis- related arrests from which 599,282 of those arrests were possession related.Let’s reiterate that fact. 90% of total cannabis arrests in 2017 were charges for possession. And what is most alarming about these statistics is the level of systemic discrimination inflicted upon minority groups in our communities. 

Last year in Washington D.C., 90.85% of all cannabis-related arrests involved African Americans. Compare this to the 4% Caucasian and 4% Hispanic arrest rates in D.C. the same year for cannabis related crimes. The penal system is taking advantage of our allies by targeting the population by way of demographics. Let’s look further into the data. 

Between 2014 through 2017 in New York City 48.3% of all cannabis-related crimes involved African Americans, 38% involved Hispanics and 9% involved Caucasians. These numbers portray a bleak reality. We must identify the cause of segregation for these civil violations and rectify this injustice immediately. In a day in age when 31 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized medicinal functions for cannabis and 8 states legally tax and regulate recreational cannabis use, how can we justify not defending this travesty from occurring against our allies.

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The United States has nearly 25% of the world’s incarcerated population despite comprising less than 5% of the world’s total population.

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